About Me

I have been in business since 1981, starting at 283 Main St. Hackensack, NJ. I had a furniture store, “Bergen Upholstery and Furniture Co.”. In the showroom, among the furniture settings, I displayed model boats. I no longer keep a showroom, in December 1999, I moved to 245 Prospect Ave, Hackensack, NJ where I kept a large data base of models to be bought and/or sold, names of model makers to make or repair a model. On June 2, 2016 I had moved along with my business to Boynton Beach, Florida to live and work.

I, Stan Sinowitz, was one of the first members of the,” Ship Model Society of Northern NJ”. In June 1981, I was elected to be its first Secretary/Treasurer. Over the years I have made many fine models. Many of you, like me, started making models as a young child. I started from kits and went up to scratch built plank on frame models such as the one shown on my desk of Albert Strange’s 27′ Phantom in 1/2″ scale. I can no longer make models because of my disability. I still enjoy being in the modeling community.

Below is a picture of me at my office. I am surrounded by models I have made, a library of books pertaining to model making and yachting. My brother and I used to own “Mary Loring” a 39′ 10″, Wintrop Warner cutter, built by Paul Luke in 1947, We used to go sailing on her every week, and a few long weekends, June thru November but we sold her in May, 2016.