Products and Services

I will help you to sell your model boats. List your models with me, and I will contact potential buyers such as, Art Galleries, Businesses, Interior Designers, and Individual collectors. I will then have them contact you by phone, FAX, E-mail, or US Mail. I can offer you advice on how to sell the models, what a reasonable selling price might be, and more.

Are you a model boat collector? Do you want to purchase a particular type of model? I can put you in touch with people who have models they want to sell. Please contact me.

Do you want a particular model of a boat, yacht, or ship made? If your answer is yes, then I will try and put you in contact with a model maker who is capable of making it in the scale, quality, and price you want.

I can help you to find a person who can repair, and restore models for you.

Do you want a display case made for a model you now own? I can help you to find a suitable model display case made.

What is the value of your model ship? I can write you an estimate of the value of your model on the open market and it’s replacement value. If you want to transport your model or display it at a show you would need a written estimate of it’s value to give to the insurance company if the model was damaged in shipping or transporting. Please contact me for details.